Kenai River Fishing Guides

Born and raised Alaskan with 10+ years of Kenai River guiding experience.

King Salmon

The most popular of the Kenai River fishing guided trips. King Salmon are the largest species of the Salmon Family, These guys will give you the fight of your life.
May 20th - July 31st

Silver Salmon

The most acrobatic of all the Salmon, the Silvers are sure to put on a show. As a Kenai River guide we can get you in the best spots on the river.
August 1st - September 30th

Red Salmon

Although they don’t care to bite the lure, there are so many that we are able to hook them anyways. Knowing the best fishing holes for this is essential and that’s what a Kenai fishing guide does.
June 25th - August 10th

Rainbow Trout

This absolutely stunning Species will light up your rod with their magnificent aggression. We can guide you through the secrets of catching them.
August 1st - September 30th