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The River Crew is considered one of the top fishing charter services on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. In part, this is because The River Crew takes great pride in their exclusive use of “Willie Boats”!

With their commitment to the highest quality and gear, The River Crew has found the Willie Boat to be the perfect choice to complement these attributes throughout their charter operation.

With superior craftsmanship, durability, and performance, Willie Boats provide a stable platform that is perfect for fishing in both calm and rough water conditions providing the River Crew’s clients with a safe and enjoyable fishing experience. Simply put, Willie Boats are “simply the best”

What sets Willie Boats apart from many other boats?

The Willie Boat is “Native Born” to the Kenai River as this is where it was spawned! It was designed not only to meet the horsepower limitation required on the Kenai River but its transition to a radius bottom while finishing with a flat-bottom design at the transom,  provides this boat with that silky-smooth ride that all clients desire. Putting it as simple as possible, the Classic Hull is fast, maneuverable and extremely stable.

Willie Boats Classic hull design also allows for easy shallow water handling giving it flawless performance.  There is simply not a boat out there that can match efficiency of the Willie Boat. This makes it a great choice for all fisherman everywhere and is why The River Crew has chosen it for their operations.

Willie Boats Features:

Performance – Stability – Maneuverability – Durability
Craftsmanship – Durability – Stability – Safety

They are “Simply The Best”

Why Willie Boats for The River Crew?

The River Crew, a premium fishing charter service on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, takes extreme pride in their exclusive use of “Willie Boats” for all their charters. As said above, The River Crew is committed to providing its clients with only the highest quality gear and, as part of that gear, the Willie Boat is the perfect choice for their charter operations.

Everyone is concerned with safety, even while fishing and, as shown in the features above, Willie Boats with that superior performance, maneuverability and stability bring a measure of safety that is beyond compare! This is exactly why The River Crew has chosen Willie Boats. In this way you don’t have to be concerned about safety regardless of water conditions. Simply put, all your focus can instead,  be on enjoying that amazing fishing adventure you’ve been dreaming of!

The River Crew clients will enjoy their fishing adventure assured that they are in good hands and as you can see Willie Boats are the perfect choice for The River Crew’s charter operation because they provide that stable platform that is perfect for any fishing adventure!

So, if you’re looking for a charter service that is dedicated to providing a quality fishing experience, then look no further than The River Crew. Their exclusive use of Willie Boats truly sets them apart!


Willie Boats, the perfect choice for a fishing charter operation. This is because of their remarkable stability in both calm and rough water conditions. This allows the River Crew’s clients to have an amazing, and safe, time out on the river doing what they came to do, catch fish. Thanks to Willie Boat’s commitment to quality, The River Crew can provide their clients with an exceptional fishing experience that they won’t find anywhere else.

One more thing: Remember, Willie Boats are known not only for their safety and stability but also for Innovation design and the quality of their product. This is the reason we believe they really are the perfect choice for any fishing charter. The River Crew’s commitment to quality ensures their clients of having the safest and most amazing fishing adventure available on either the Kenai or Kasilof rivers!

One they would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.