Red Salmon Fishing

The infamous Kenai River is known for the amount of Red Salmon, Also Known as the Sockeye Salmon, that swim up The Kenai every year to Spawn. Red Salmon Fishing is a great time, there are days on the Kenai that the Reds are in so thick that you can’t put your line in the water without hooking one. They follow the Shoreline up the river so you have to fish for them from the shore but if you come with us we will take you in one of our Willie Boats and put you on a secluded sandbar to fish for them. we will provide you with the best rods, reels, tackle, and gear. We will also coach you through proper technique to hook and land your very own Kenai River Red Salmon.

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Kenai River Guided Fishing Trips Built For You

June 15th – Aug 10th

Monday – Saturday

Capacity: 4 Fishermen
Minimum of 2 Fishermen

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Red Salmon Fishing Prices

Full Day


/per person

Minimum of 2 Fishermen
8 hour fishing trip

Half Day


/per person

Minimum of 2 Fishermen
5 hour fishing trip

Private Boat Charter


Entire Boat (4 seats)

Max 4 Fishermen
3 hour fishing trip