Silver Salmon Fishing

The infamous Kenai River yields some of the biggest Salmon in the world. The silver salmon fishing is no different. Silver Salmon, Also known as a Coho Salmon. These Salmon are known for the way they fight. They are known to be the most acrobatic of the Salmon Species and feisty as well. We love watching Anglers reaction when the Silver on the end of their line breaks the surface of the water. Come and allow us to show you what it’s like to land one of these monsters.We provide everything you need, from experienced guides to put you on the fish, to the nicest Willie Boats, and the best Gloomis fishing gear.

Kenai River Guided Fishing Trips Built For You

Aug 1st – Oct 15th


Capacity: 4 Fishermen

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Silver Salmon Fishing Prices

Full Day


/per person

8 hour fishing trip

Half Day


/per person

5 hour fishing trip

Private Boat Charter


Entire Boat (4 seats)

3 hour fishing trip